14 pit bulls rescued from the flames in the Bronx - News

August 27, 2013 – 14:25

Pitbull portati in salvo Firefighters battled the flames in an apartment on the sixth floor of Fordham Heights, Bronx, to save the lives of 14 pit bulls that apparently lived in that building.
According to the authority, the fire would burst upstairs, compared to what they were in dogs, in the building that is located along the Grand Concourse, at around 3 in the afternoon of Monday, March 7.

The organization Animal Care and Control of New York, announced that thanks to the intervention of firefighters have been rescued 14 dogs of which 9 adults and four puppies pit-bull.

According to an alert, then, it seems that only a dog was injured during the fire, a small scratch on the nose, while being transported out of the building on fire.

Brian Rivic, a neighbor said that the owner of the dogs was at work when the fire broke out. Speaking of the owner, not yet identified, Rivic said that his neighbor unknown has many dogs and that has a lot of care, since it takes them around in pairs during the day to avoid confusion.

According to the descriptions of the neighbors the owner of the dogs could have about 30 years but it is still a mystery to figure out what to do with 14 dogs in the house , some argue that they are for sale while others believe that dogs are domesticated for fighting illegal.

According to a reliable source, the dogs will be taken, by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), to undergo medical tests to see if the dogs have suffered ill-treatment or not. The FDNY, which is the administration department of New York responsible for the protection of citizens by fires and hazards involved, has already initiated an investigation to understand the cause that would have caused the fire.

Source: attualita.tuttogratis.it

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  • Avatar Allie How would I start my own Business?
    Mar 11, 2013 by Allie | Posted in Small Business

    I would like to someday start my own Dog Kennel/ Cat Boarding facilities. I am almost a Junior in Highschool, and I think I will go to college for something so that I can get a good Job and make money so that I am able to save up money to start my own Business. What type of college major should I go for and for what Job? and does anyone know what licenses you have to have to own and manage a kennel?

    • Do a web search for Kennel Licenses requirements. Here is a portion of what I discovered online.

      Obtaining Appropriate Kennel Licenses

      Determine whether licensur …This transaction usually takes place through the treasurer's office. Some applications include a questionnaire requesting more information about the facility and its intended usage, such as whether dogs are bred or sold.

  • Avatar Fevera How do i bcome a animal control officer in denver colorado?
    Apr 01, 2009 by Fevera | Posted in Denver
    • You need to apply through Denver Career Service. They post job openings usually about once a week. You can fill out the application and see when they are giving the tests. They generally interview the top scoring applicants and then hire from that group.
      might want to go to the Denver Dog Pound and volunteer to get to know the people and be the first to hear about any job openings.